DeFRA Flood Rescue concept of operations


The National Flood Emergency Framework for England


Detailed Guidance on Developing a Multi-Agency Flood Plan


INSARAG Guidelines


Federal Emergency Management Agency Field Operations Guide


Modular Reconfigurable Robots, An Approach To Urban Search and Rescue


The Rescue Technician and NFPA standards


Compatibility of Land SAR Procedures with Search Theory


A Method for Determining Effective Sweep Widths For Land Searches


Men missing on a night out: Exploring the geography of fatal disappearances to inform search strategies,missing%20longer%20than%2024%20hours.


Sweep Width Estimation for Ground Search and Rescue


Optimizing Wilderness Search and Rescue: A Bayesian GIS Analysis


UKSAR Framework


Civil Contingencies Act


Emergency Response and Recovery Non statutory guidance accompanying the Civil Contingencies Act 2004


International Maritime Rescue Federation – Women in SAR report 2021

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