Vehicle Extrication

Vehicle Extrication

The stabilization and extrication of casualties from vehicles requires great planning and hazard awareness.

This technical discipline attracts Fire Service, military and Medical technicians.

With a stand alone debate just around equipment selection, this group will allow peer review and discussion in the development of ground breaking techniques.


A comparison of the demographics, injury patterns and outcome data for patients injured in motor vehicle collisions who are trapped compared to those patients who are not trapped

Tim Nutbeam1,2* , Rob Fenwick3, Jason Smith1,4, Omar Bouamra5, Lee Wallis6 and Willem Stassen6

Assessing spinal movement during four extraction methods a biomechanical study using healthy volunteers

Tim Nutbeam1,2,3* , Rob Fenwick4, Barbara May5, Willem Stassen3, Jason E. Smith1,6, Jono Bowdler7,Lee Wallis3 and James Shippen5

Do entrapment, injuries, outcomes and potential for self-extrication vary with age A pre-specified analysis of the UK trauma registry (TARN)

Tim Nutbeam1,2,3* , Anthony Kehoe2,4, Rob Fenwick5, Jason Smith1,6, Omar Bouamra7, Lee Wallis3 andWillem Stassen3